Office Overview

Welcome to my blog! I’m Dr. Kyle Hodge, and I am a licensed chiropractor and certified athletic trainer. I am the owner of Back In Motion Sport and Spine and am currently the sole provider at the clinic. Throughout this series, I’ll tackle a number of different topics, but to start, this will be a post covering a little bit about who I am, what I do, and what to expect as a patient in my office.

I grew up in northwest Indiana in the town of Westville. I was involved in athletics throughout this time, and found a few ways to injure myself during that time. After one injury that I struggled to recover from, it was a chiropractor that helped me get back to doing what I loved very quickly. It is my desire to help others do what that love that drives me as a health care provider.

As a health care provider, I often have a slightly different approach than what some people are accustomed to. This is due to being trained to work in two different professions. As an athletic trainer, I was a generalist provider for my patients. I was responsible for their daily health care needs, ranging from managing hydration at practice, counseling on nutritional intake, injury rehabilitation, and sometimes just being that bright spot in their day that they needed simply by showing that I cared. As a chiropractor, I received further training in many of those areas, and learned chiropractic techniques that would help to enhance my ability to keep people moving.

Going to the chiropractor for the first time, like any new health care provider, can be a bit intimidating. Seeing a new provider for the first time often leaves a sense of dread because people fear the unknown, whether that is not knowing what the doctor is like personally or how their treatment style will affect your condition. The biggest unknown that most people face with chiropractic is that they don’t know what a chiropractor actually does.

Spinal manipulative therapy, often called an adjustment, is the specialized treatment that is most commonly associated with chiropractors. This is a treatment that is performed on joints that lack their healthy, functional movement. These joint restrictions can be found commonly in the spine, but are found in joints throughout the body, including the various joints in the arms and legs. The treatment consists of giving a small, quick impulse to a joint to help restore its natural motion. This treatment is performed in combination with the various therapies that I learned as an athletic trainer.

In my office, new patients undergo an examination where I will review various aspects of a person’s health. This examination will help to confirm if your condition is likely to benefit from chiropractic as well if there are any pressing health issues where you would need to see another provider, such as a medical doctor. You will have your medical history taken, and then a variety of orthopedic tests will be performed to help determine what the root cause of any of your problems are, and the best treatment options will be discussed with you and care will proceed from there.

This was a quick overview of what goes on at my clinic. There are many minor details that people often wonder about, and each patient’s visit is tailored to suit their health care needs. If you have any questions feel free to reach out with a call or text to (219)351-0808!

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