Why should someone see a chiropractor?

The short answer is for a large variety of physical conditions that can benefit from conservative (non-surgical) care. As someone who has been around chiropractic for nearly half of my life, it’s an easy decision for me to see a chiropractor when I’m having an issue. For people who have never experienced chiropractic care, it’s a daunting prospect because you don’t understand what you’ll be getting into. Public perception of chiropractic is often mixed, with some people saying that chiropractors are quacks and not real doctors, and many others saying that they’ve had their lives significantly improved by their chiropractor. Roughly 11% of the United States population utilizes chiropractic care for their health. So I’ll share a little bit about what that 11% benefits from.

The first time I ever saw a chiropractor was for lower back pain. I injured my lower back while running cross country and had added 5 minutes to my 5k race time because of how much pain I was in. The pain had lasted for over one week with no relief, despite using medications, stretching, continued exercise, heat, and ice to try to relieve it.I didn’t know what to expect as this was before chiropractic videos became popular on social media, but I wasn’t worried as I knew that both of my parents had seen a chiropractor for years.

The chiropractor that I saw had a background in athletics and his practice consisted of mainly chiropractic adjustments without other therapies. For me, it worked extremely well in that instance. Following the treatment, most of my pain was relieved and at my next practice run for cross country, I had 3 minutes back on my 5k time and recovered the rest within 1 more week.

Personally, I first saw a chiropractor for low back pain that kept me from doing what I loved to do. For others, it may be jaw pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, knee pain, numbness in their hands, sciatica, knee pain, ankle pain, or a number of other issues. Some people see a chiropractor without having active issues because they feel relieved after treatments and feel like they have fewer issues that arise  throughout the year while they are receiving care.

You’ll need to find a chiropractor that has a treatment style that works best for your needs. People choose a variety of different providers for their needs from chiropractors, medical doctors, physical therapists, athletic trainers, massage therapists, to many other reliable health care providers. The therapies that I provide are listed on my website, and if you are curious about them or you have an issue that has been going on and are wondering if my clinic could help you, schedule an appointment or reach out through email, text, or call to find out if I’m the right fit for you!

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